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Thread: Matchmaking Feedback

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    solo matchmaking continues to be mass murder.

    my team? 30 minute doom bringer, treads and vang. AND NOTHING ELSE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysgorandom View Post
    solo matchmaking continues to be mass murder.

    my team? 30 minute doom bringer, treads and vang. AND NOTHING ELSE.
    I keep getting people who are more than willing to fuck their own team in order to get ahead. I can't play sniper anymore because someone will lane with me, attempt to steal all the farm, steal all the kills, and then claim they are "more important than me" regardless of whether or not they are a ganker, support, or initiator. Last game it was NS.

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    It feels as if the system fails terribly. For the last 150 games or so, dota 2 is a rollercoaster of highs and lows. It feels as if I'm following a trend where i get these winning-sprees followed by losing sprees. They tend to be 4 losses/wins long, +/- a couple of games.

    The problem is mainly that during the winning sprees, games are so easy and one sided, it's barely fun to win. During the losing-streaks, it feels "hopeless" to win a single game, and it is VERY demotivating! Statistically these sprees shouldnt occur all the time unless the system actually makes this happen.

    I can honestly say I haven't had more than 5 really good games in the previous 150.

    *I had a steady 58% win for my rst 200 games, then it started dropping and is continuing to convergate towards 50/50 W/L.

    Sadly, playing solo-queue dota is not enjoyable atm :/ How can possibly players improve in games that are so one-sided the supports cant even leave highgrounds in base to place obs?
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    I think this thread has become more of a "my team sucks, I don't"-thread, what do you look for, perfection?

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    Think my matchmaking rating has taken a hammering through playing some low rated games with a friend. Am now being routinely put in "medium" rated games, and just had a game where a person was playing his first ever game of Dota 2 (match ID 1049065). Checked afterwards; this guy wasn't in a group as far as I could tell, he was just solo-queueing.

    Given I was routinely playing and winning "high" rated games, this is quite a head scratcher. I can play games and win the ones that are there for winning, but the skill level of people in the games is extremely random.

    The matchmaking seemed to be working fine when I was playing high-rated games, perhaps there's a problem as it falls lower down the scale.

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