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Thread: FPS Issues on Dell XPS 15

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    FPS Issues on Dell XPS 15

    I've been playing Dota 2 for more than two years now, but after recent updates, I've been getting a lot of FPS issues on my Dell XPS 15.
    Particularly, when I enter mid lane, or at any part of the map that has a battle going on with more than 5 heroes in all, my FPS reduces like crazy, almost to 2-3 frames per second. I'm pretty sure its not my laptop as I'm able to run other games with even higher specifications smoothly. Any suggestions to prevent this? Gets frustrating to lose games cause of the fps issue.

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    It would be pretty nice if you could tell us some data about that laptop, since to my knowledge there exist multiple versions of 'XPS 15'.

    Also there is an issue with the water, i noticed that for some reason when you have the water quality turned on high, your FPS drops alot (randomly).

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    Its an XPS 15

    i5-2410M @ 2.30Ghz
    RAM : 6GB
    Gfx Card : NVIDIA 525m 1GB

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    ^+ my drivers are up to date..

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