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Thread: FPS TANKS when playing with bots but not in regular games

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    FPS TANKS when playing with bots but not in regular games

    hi... i usually play vs bots when i dont have the time to play a regular game... but since 2 days ago ive been noticing that when i go for "practice with bots" mode or "local lobby" my fps tanks..
    usually i get around 60-120 fps on regular games as well as viewing tournament games... but when i play vs bots it just hovers at 2-3fps...sometimes it fixes itself 5 seconds into the game but and sometimes the fps is normal but most of the time the fps tanks...
    i already reinstalled my Vcard.... Reinstalled Steam along with dota 2..
    i even reformatted my computer in the hopes that would fix it...

    here is a vid of what happens

    is anyone else having this issue? or does anyone know how to solve this?

    please and thanks

    specs are as follows

    CPU- Intel core i7 3770
    Vcard -XFX HD7870
    RAM - Corsair Dominator 4GB 1866 DDR3
    Board- MSI Z77A -G43
    (its not an awesome rig but it gets the job done)
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