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Thread: Update 6

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    Update 6

    - Fixed some vision skills disabling Shadow Dance passive when ultimate is active
    - Fixed Smoke interaction with shared vision
    - Pathing for Meat Hook/Swap is now removed once the hero leaves the stuck area
    - Fixed Rubick being unable to steal the Boar from Call of the Wild
    - Fixed Stolen Scepter upgraded Blackhole not doing Midnight Pulse damage
    - Fixed Stolen Scepter upgraded Primal Split not having the secondary abilities
    - Fixed gold command not working after buyback

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    Nice try NSA
    Fuck yeah 6 updates

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    inc "ded gaems"

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    Patching on a Sunday, that's dedication.
    // Economy

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    Your daily work is much appreciated.

    Going to test and post which bugs are still there.

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    Right behind you.
    Soo.. is the free pathing still 5 seconds or infinite time till they leave the unpathable area?

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    woohoo more patches

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    keep going guys

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    #dedication #hardwork

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    Location! Location! Location! Location! Location! Location! Location! Location!
    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    - Pathing for Meat Hook/Swap is now removed once the hero leaves the stuck area
    What qualifies as a stuck area? I feel this is a valid question because this has been so buggy/confusing I don't even know what is intended anymore.

    This is how I'd approach it at least.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelvin View Post
    The same one that does normal pathing.

    Whenever a hero gets thrown/pulled/pushed/whatever by an ability calculate to see if autopathing can successfully bring them to some arbitrary location on the map. It could be the middle. Anywhere really. Hell, check 2 or 3 locations just to be sure that something like a fissure isn't screwing stuff up. Just ignore all trees when calculating this. If you can cut down trees to get out, you aren't stuck.
    In addition to that you could automatically throw people off of cliffs rather than letting them walk off of them if you wanted. Something along the lines of throw them to the closest pathable point you can find between their original point and landing point after they were put on the cliff.

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