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Thread: Horrible new MM sound

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    ^ I thought that my PC have some sound issues when I heard it for the first time xD
    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:

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    Agree. The new sound is just horrible, the old one was perfectly fine. Id love to change it back
    +1 !

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    It sounds like a cross between Mortal Kombat 1 and the Inception drum roll with a very weak and flat end beat.

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    +1 the Timps sound so out of place
    Quote Originally Posted by Typhox View Post
    Nope. Windows Explorer is not a database
    Take a look into the mirror! You think you are completely unfailable. With your limited knowledge, you think that you know more than someone who is very deep in the matter/an expert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapper123 View Post
    I dont know what they were thinking. Yes, it was loud sometimes but it did its function, ALERT us, the new one is barely noticiable and stupid. Sorry but its true

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    Just fucking hotfix it already. Who gave this the green light in the first place, slap the bastard.

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    My dear friends...

    I have to tell you a tale. Once upon a time in the evergreen lands of britannia a young but fiercesome warrior was awaiting the call for battle as his battlelord held the last of the five war councils in the forsaken and dire forest. The red sun was meeting the end of the horizon and so Brewmaster sat down to catch a breath. He was in front of a tavern: "The lurky Leaper". "Why not drink while waiting?" He asked himself and so he stepped into the bar. It was a bit filthy and very very dark. The Brewmaster of the name Mangix went to the bar as he was curiously surprised by the menu. He had travelled many roads, met many men. He finished the 1000 steps on Mount Uphilla, managed to learn the secret spell of Khijoraen and defeated the spellcasters of Hybial. Only his strongest foe the knight of dragons yet remains to be beaten. Twice they already have met in battle and crossed barrel and sword but a victor has not yet been decided. "When fate will strike so will the Brewmaster." He thought. And so he approached the bar.
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    "Alright then Slark."
    "Well, no worries - we do have beer."
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    (That again 2x because 9/10)

    Well I like the new one
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    I don't like the new sound either. To me it just sounds cheap and somehow uninspired.
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    The new sound on the test servers was nice. This sound, however, is awful.

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    change the sound its pathetic i dont want a sound at all :@

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