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Thread: [Suggestion] Disable Bloodstone suicide for 5 seconds after respawning

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    [Suggestion] Disable Bloodstone suicide for 5 seconds after respawning

    It has happened to me a couple times that I'm about to get killed and I'm spamming the Bloodstone suicide to deny myself, but the enemy team kills me before I can (while I'm stunned or whatever) and then with the charges I revive instantly and my screen is centered on my fountain with my respawned hero, but I was still spamming Bloodstone suicide and accidentally use it after the instant respawn, dying again.

    This video explains it:

    Can you guys please make it so Bloodstone's active can NOT be used for 5 seconds upon reviving? who would want to suicide in that moment anyway.

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    not a bad idea

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    Good. +1

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    I can see this being a big issue. +1

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    pls implement this

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    wow i didn't even know anyone used the setting to move camera to hero on respawn.

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    Not much need +1 anyway.

    If your stunned only cast a spell once/make an order once. You don't need to spam as it will automatically act out the last order at the end of the stun.
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    +1, though I dont see it happening.. Just one of these dota things

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