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Thread: OS Maverick Crashing Dota2

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    OS Maverick Crashing Dota2

    So I tried out the new OSX Maverick. You can still open Dota 2 and do everything in the main menu, but when a game start it will go into the loading page loads for a bit and then crash. Is there a quick fix for this or should I try to revert back to Mountain Lion to play Dota2 ?

    P.S Don't update to Maverick until this is resolve anyone reading, if you still want to play Dota 2 lol.

    Only matchmaking game seem to crash
    Offline match with bot is working.
    I might try matchmaking again, but I don't want to ruin any game.
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    OK I got it working now, not sure what fix it. The only thing I did was trying out this fps fix thing.

    Game is working fine now.

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