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Thread: [Confirmed] Luna's Moon Glaive incorrect interaction with Medusa's Stone Gaze

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    [Confirmed] Luna's Moon Glaive incorrect interaction with Medusa's Stone Gaze

    If Luna attacks targets that is affected with Stone Gaze her initial damage is correctly increased but her bounces are not, they use her damage befor Stone Gaze bonus when calculating damage done by bounces.

    Repro Steps:
    Pick medusa and luna
    spawn 2 doom target dummys
    use medusa ulti, once the dummys are stoned
    fire one shot with luna
    look in combat log and observe the values.

    When Luna attacks the dummy her initial damage is increase as it should but her bounces ignore Stone Gaze buff.

    Expected Result:
    Luna's bounces benifit from Stone Gaze.

    More Data:
    Here is some sampel attack on 2 doom dummys.

    (Normal hit, first Bounce, Second Bounce, Thirds Counce, Forth Bounce, Fifth Bounce)

    Stone Gaze
    (401, 176, 114, 74, 48, 31)
    (275, 176, 114, 74, 48, 31)
    Assault Cuirass
    (356, 231, 150, 97, 63, 41)
    Assault Cuirass + Medalion
    (435, 280, 182, 118, 76, 49)

    a note is that on every test with "nothing" the bounces will always be (176,114,74,48,31) even if the first hit is harder (as you can see above) or lower then the required ~271 to give a first bounce damage of 176 the damage will still always be 176 on first bounce.

    The bounce damage looks like its hardcoded depending on average damage of luna taking into account the targets armor but not buffs like Stone Gaze, (even crit is ignored but that might be intended, hard to say since bounces did not ocure if you crited in wc dota)

    Additional thinking and testing.
    the closes mecanic to Moon Glaive would be Cleave and that have the same issue with Stone Gaze.
    but unlike Moon Glaive Cleave is dynamic and depends on the actual damage for the calculation and will even factor in a critical hit.

    I also want to point out that cleave benifited from Stone Gaze in wc dota, cant remember if it used icreased damage value for calculation or if the pure damage was increased or both.

    Edit: updated how the damage data was displayed.
    Edit: updated text to better represent the issue and added cleave part.

    Guess all this falls under this known bug, if its supose to only increase the damage after the bounce/cleave calculation and not acounting for it befor.

    /closed unless someone have more information exactly how bounce and cleave benifited from Stone Gaze in wc dota. hard to find reliable info on the web about that.
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    It doesn't even properly increase physical damage. I'm sure that Slardar's crush didn't do increased damage. Someone should check physical damage against petrified units, beside regular attacks.
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    Well I just tried it and it doesn't increase damage from any spell or skill and there are quite a lot skills which deal physical damage.

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