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Thread: Should 5 man parties be forced to play Team Matckmaking?

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    Of course yes...if your friends arent good, u shouldr practice against bots

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    The MMR of a group is already higher than the average of all the players (the higher MMR players are weighted more). Though maybe it's not enough.

    I think the system does try to match up evenly sized groups first, it only falls back to solos vs 5 stack if it can't find anyone else.

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    Even if you're playing along with 4 friends doesn't make you a team, they're friends and maybe not that skilled like a team in the team matchmaking. I, for once, i'm playing with constantly with 2 friends and they are a little slow, we're losing a lot of games, that makes me a bad player too. With them we gather 2 more friends, of mine or theirs, so we don't really know each other well cause every time is like a new "team".

    But, well, i'm not angry that we're losing, but i would be if we're going to be forced to team up.
    And no, i'm not going to queue alone or find a suitable team, i'm not ignoring my buddies.
    And another no for practice with bots, it isn't the same, we know the game, we're just not that skilled as a team.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kryil- View Post
    If the 5 ALL don't know each other, why didn't they tick solo queue to avoid the 5 man stack? If there are smaller parties against a 5 man party it's fine as long as there is an elo disadvantage for the 5 man stack, but AFAIK that's not the case.
    Cause its much easier to communicate, and of course to avoid russian teammates.
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    Your mother's bedroom

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    Only people without friends will say yes lol

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    lol ppl with no friends

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    only when they will fix the tmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryil- View Post
    I think everyone playing alone should tick solo queue
    hail to all 4-man stacks that can never ever play again^^
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLite View Post
    Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
    No statistics will be recorded.
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    my view of the current MM:
    and of RMM:
    and of solo-q vs party-q:

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelicesBladewing View Post
    hail to all 4-man stacks that can never ever play again^^
    From my experience with being that one guy on a four stack, good. Fuck em'. Go pull another guy from the trenches.

    Speaking from the topic at hand, 5 stacks should be prioritized against other five stacks. If not, 4+1 or 3+2s etc. Which is how I'm sure it currently works whether it works well or not. Otherwise you need to open TeamMM to all modes.

    You're solo hit that solo que button. 2 stack? Godspeed.
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    No. A 5 man gets paired against 3+2 OR 4+1 OR 5 man for the most part (in my experience,could be technically wrong about it).

    Let serious people form teams and play against teams
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