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Thread: Why riot is the worst company ever!

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    Why riot is the worst company ever!

    If you want to know the real truth about riot continue reading.

    Well, some people are just dicks. But that's not the majority of people.
    What many of us really hate is Riot and its parent company, Tencent. They've actively taken steps to try to sabotage dota 2, and we're none too pleased about that. Allow me to explain by re-using a breakdown of why riot are a bunch of shitlords as far as the dota community is concerned:

    As for your main question, there is very good reason for the DOTA community to absolutely despise Riot. Some assholes are actually venomous towards LoL simply to be dicks. I agree, that's silly. LoL isn't a terrible game, though I personally like DOTA more. Haters will be haters.
    But for most of us, the real source of bad blood comes from the fact that Riot and their parent company, tencent, have actively tried to do whatever was within their power to sabotage DOTA 2. Get ready because there is a LONG list of shit they have pulled:

    1.First off, you might know the name Pendragon. One of the "community managers" for Riot. Well, back in the day he was also in charge of the #1 DOTA forum, Now, Pendragon, recently employed by Riot games, decided to be a gigantic motherfucker, tore the site down, said some bullshit and left an ad for LoL in its place proof: . Oh, and he held onto the archives for years, only recently releasing them. And to top it off, he claims to this day that he only had the best intentions for the community in mind. What more, these are proven facts, that Riot stole many community ideas for heroes, for example - Teemo.

    2. Speaking of Pendragon, it is widely speculated that he was the one behind this load of pure slander. This one hasn't been confirmed though. Here:
    I don't have a link for it, but Riot also had bought a SEA dota2 domain name that redirected to They actually did this. EDIT: This domain was It now directs to a wiki page.

    3. They also marketed their game in a way that tried to put DOTA down. Proof:

    4. Even worse, Riot attempted to counter-file for a DOTA trademark simply to prevent DOTA 2 from happening. Proof:

    5. Riot also has exclusivity agreements with tournaments that prevent them from having any other similar game at events that recieve sponsorship money from riot, including DOTA, HON, and Bloodline Champions. Even worse was their recent attempt to ban teams from even HAVING a dota team if they had a LoL team competing in riot sponsored events. Sound absurd? It sure is! But that's Riot for you. Proof:

    6. And most recent was the attempt by their parent company to spread the outright lie that DOTA 2 would not be F2P in china and instead cost $100 (USD) a copy. Proof:

    7. Also their advertising methods to mislead lurking people, to steal future Dota 2 players in shady ways like this in their adverts

    8. Moreover, blatant copying Dota 2 by Tencent in their new MOBA, details here

    And what I personally dislike, is that CASUAL game made for CASUAL PEOPLE tries to act like some pro game. Riot made it casual specifically for casual players, why do they try now to make it some e-sport? It isn't and never will be. You can't have an SPORT game where you can BUY advantages for REAL money.
    As you can see, Riot (or Tencent), constantly makes attempts to sabotage Dota 2 rather than let us grow and compete normally, and that's what really irks us. Over at /r/DotA2, most of the "LoL sucks gtfo" comments are quickly downvoted and hidden. Also youtube video comments are not exactly a good way to judge ANYTHING.

    I can use some help formatting.

    this is taking from someone's post and credits goes to eduard79.

    This is why we have to unite against riot!!!
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    Please stop posting, you're right on the edge of getting banned

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    Riot is doing a good job. Thanks to Riot for making eSports this big <3 You guys are great.
    You are jsts mad because LoL has much more players than DotA2. Deal with it dude.
    Optimistic Pessimist

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    The hell with the treators we shall fight!!

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