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Thread: How does the lore explain Legion Commander's gender switch?

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    it's so funny when people try to justify with "lore"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siegfried View Post
    it's so funny when people try to justify with "lore"
    It is funny that poeple do not realise it is changing nothing more than 'lore'.

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    2013: 10 heroes, 3 reworks, 4 events, hats, 1 arcana and TI
    2014: 4 heroes, 2 events, 2 arcanas, hats, 1 rework and TI.
    Lazyness. Not to mention the lack of bugfixes, and the amount of new ones with each new content added

    Credits to Phoenix.

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    It doesn't. It doesn't even have to. In the Dota 2 lore, Legion Commander has always been female. The Dota 2 lore takes place in a separate universe, DotA 1 lore is completely and absolutely irrelevant.

    Question answered, closing this.
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