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Thread: Mek sound as of 10 July (Test Client)

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    Mek sound as of 10 July (Test Client)

    I feel like the new Mek sound is very overpowering. I think this not only stems from the base volume (needs to be lowered a little) but primarily from the the length that the sound plays for and the fact that the sound stays at a relatively consistent volume throughout its duration (instead of fading across the duration). It also sounds too similar to Chen's ultimate to me right now, but I imagine they will be very easily distinguishable after hearing it a few times (could be an issue for new players though). Ultimately, my request would be just that the base volume is taken down a notch and that the volume is lowered over the duration of the sound (with the duration of the sound possibly being shortened).

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    It sounds like a horn or something? It's pretty bad. Not sure why Valve have such a consistent habit of trying to add new sounds that blow chunks.

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    Jeez this thing is annoying like heck... why can't valve even think and see if we like it before they put something so bloody irritating in the game. Or better yet poll us IF we want a change and how.
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    mek sound is garbage and makes my ears bleed whenever some uses the item

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    They need to just change it to a single "haaaah" from angels.
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    I hate it. Nobody I know likes it. It's objectively bad.

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    i love it. its much better than the old one!

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    Yeah I think its much better than the old one, which sounded like a little fart.

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    I play Chen a lot, and I find it wicked similar to Hand of God. May confuse newer players. Should tweak a bit.

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