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Thread: Drawing on the minimap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sterls View Post
    still dont even know how to draw on it, only been around since friday
    You use the Ctrl key and draw on the map.
    I also agree that there should be a option to toggle it on and off, some people really screw around sometimes.

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    I think this feature is great, but a toggle would be nice, and if you ignore/mute someone in game, it should block their drawing from showing up on your minimap. I think the biggest thing for me though, is set a limit to how much you can draw. In all actuality using this for the intended purposes does not need much drawing at all. I think the feature would be perfect with some sort of anti-spam filter.

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    from my experience i haven't seen a "hardcore" troll who would just draw bs on it all the time, in my games its mainly used while waiting for the rest to finish loading

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