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Thread: Ember Spirit (Valve Lore)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justinian of Hattes View Post
    Celestials, at least, would seem that way. Though to be honest, Kaolin doesn't seem to be connected to the other 2, unless maybe the Kaolin that the statue was based on was a Wailing Mountains native or some shit. I also find it strange that while Ember Spirit and Earth Spirit know who they are and who they were, Storm Spirit seems blissfully unaware of his tragic past. Why is that, ya think?
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    It's probably to do with the clash of personalities between the Spirit and Thunderkeg, seeing as the vessel was living at the time of their transfusion.

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    Storm's lore mentions that he is a young spirit, so its plausible that the existence of the other Spirits are naught to him. Meanwhile, the other Spirits should be around for a long time. I assume this because this is due to the fact that Earth is a basic element and so is Fire but Storm is a combination of multiple element (Water, Lightning, etc). Or at least that's what I hypothesize.

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    Or, a more pragmatic idea is that Storm's voice lines were recorded before Ember and Earth were even twinkles in Ice Frog's eye and they didn't intend to have any ties to any other hero.

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