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Thread: Unusual Courier Conversion Issues

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    Unusual Courier Conversion Issues

    If you have a courier that isn't looking the same as it did prepatch post here. Link the item and a screenshot. Read the thread. If someone else has posted your issue, don't repost.

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    Sunfire Couriers unboxed from the Wax Chest (and possibly also Diretide and Frostivus): The "seasonal" couriers unboxed from the Wax chest have color codes instead of the default 255,255,255 they used to have in their original crates. My "original" Sunfire Couriers got the Sunfire Gem + Summer Warmth Color stone, but the "colored" ones from the Wax chest got color gems instead, turning the effect into ugly colored versions of it. Please revert this and give them the Summer Warmth gem just like the originals. I don't own Diretide or Frostivus couriers but I'm sure they also have this problem.

    Lava couriers look different too now, they look "too red", they used to look like real lava now they look like just a bunch of red particles. Also their effect still has no name.

    Evolving couriers such as Wynchell and TI3 Genuine Smeevil lost their effects.

    Greevils work just fine.

    the sunfires on the left are white summer warmth ones, the ones on the right are ugly colored

    My inventory:
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    I had tried add brightgreen gem into my carpet smeevil ti3, color had been changed in spec but it don't work in game. I still see original color.

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    i have a number of llamas that look vastly different post-patch

    Felicity's Blessing: Removed yellowy-green effect and made the grass darker
    Diretide: slight hint of the color code showing (light green again on mine, so its hard to notice)
    Frostivus Frost: um.. purple snow lol
    Searing Essence with a PURPLE color code now looks PINK.

    my inventory:

    links to screenshots:

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    My lava bamboo has changed colors, he's darker red now.




    Post patch:

    Please fix!

    Btw, how do I take better screenshots in-game?

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    My new Lava Speed Demon does indeed look "too red". It is incredibly ugly and I am not at all satisfied with the way it looks now, nor would I have paid the $ that I did at the time to have it the way it looks currently. So I would kindly ask that it is returned to the way it appeared at the time I purchased it.

    I would have uploaded through the Steam cloud, however, that page appears to be broken currently. The Lava Speed Demon appears to be a plain red EF courier now, which is not what I purchased at all. I'm hoping Valve will return the couriers to the way thay were coloured before the patch, otherwise I will be extremely disappointed.

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    Hello my lava cluckless has a darker red color.I would like it the way it was pre-patch.Now its pretty ugly
    And this is a screen of the old pre-patch lava cluck

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    Quote Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
    Hello my lava cluckless has a darker red color.I would like it the way it was pre-patch.Now its pretty ugly
    And this is a screen of the old pre-patch lava cluck
    I have the same isue with my lava cluckles.....ugly red

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    Green Smeevil with 111 international game views. All glow effects are gone in-game (but are still visible in preview)

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    My smeevil with 102 views but now all effects are gone in-game(but are still visible in review)
    In-game my smeevil has "game watched" = 102
    But when view on steam smeevil just has "game watched" = 1
    Fix pls ty
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