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Thread: Early abandonment for inactivity

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    Early abandonment for inactivity

    As the title suggests, I received an abandonment from my most recent game at the time of this post after the game had progressed 3 minutes for inactivity - in which time I was attempting to reconnect to the game which was paused. This is clearly a bug because 5 minutes had not passed of counter time, and I had re-joined before the 5 minute countdown for abandonment which is received when disconnected. Our team won the game after I reconnected. I would like this looked into because it has lead to me receiving 5 games low priority, which should not have been given to me. Quite frankly, it makes this game unappealing when it punishes people who make as much effort as possible to reconnect after being disconnected by the game, not by choice, as to try and not ruin other players experience, which might I add, that the purpose low priority system is to punish those who ruin a game by leaving, feeding and so on so forth. Why is the LP mechanic still so broken?
    Match I.D.: 384381792

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    If you don't get XP for 5 minutes you also abandon the game (in addition to the 5 minute disconnect rule). There's another rule, that if you don't pick until ~1:30 ingame time or so you'll abandon the game, but I guess your game lasted some time there. Did you get XP for 5 minutes?
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    Oh it must have been the not picking one. 1 min and a half is a bit stupid to have as a rule. You can easily recover if back before 5 mins... I was probably like 30 seconds over that also since I had 2 mins left on disconnect rule which would bring the game to about 2 mins in.

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    1:30 rule isn't dumb, otherwise you have tryhards who waste time trying to counter pick. and not benefitting their team

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    It is dumb to me because 1.30 makes the 5 min disconnect rule void.

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