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Thread: Annoying ambient sounds. No seperate volume slider.

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    Annoying ambient sounds. No seperate volume slider.

    I find it incredible annoying that Dota 2 has no separate volume slider for ambient sounds and that it is simply slaved to the Game Volume slider.

    If I turn the Game Volume slider up to the level I desire, then the wind and whooshing gets way too loud. This is simply not acceptable that Dota 2 lacks such a common option seen in other games, in my book.

    Please Valve fix this.

    What you think?

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    What drives me nuts is that you hear the waterfall on the left side ALL THE TIME.

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    !SUP - need more sound options

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    PLEASE VALVE FIX THIS - no ambient sound control

    I am also VERY much in need of an control for ambient sound. I have gone to great extremes to try to eliminate the wind and water background noise from the game so I can PLAY THE GAME. Valve hear my plea! I sacrifice some fruit and berries for you! ...quietly and with very little foley...

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    Necro'd, & agreed... There is an annoying "wind always swooshing" sound that I want to get out of my ears while playing.

    I always listen to my own music, and other than that; I ONLY want to hear game SFX and my Hero's audio comments.

    Fix these trashy audio sliders already.

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