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Thread: Windrunner and Necrolyte --> Windranger and Necrophos?

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    Windrunner and Necrolyte --> Windranger and Necrophos?

    Recently on STS there was a change in Windrunner and Necrolyte's names to the ones forementioned in the title.

    Anyhow, I have no quarrel with Necrophos, that sounds fine, since phos="light" in Latin, so Necrolight literally. Windranger, however, sounds awful. Why not change it to Lyralei and let that be that? There's no need to muck up a perfectly good character with an akward, awfully generic name like that.

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    Why are they changing it? Is the excuse "copyright" again?

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    Windranger is so bad. It's ok for drow, but for lyralei - meh..
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    I quite like Necrophos to be honest, and it'll make for a bigger gap between him and Necro'lic.

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    windranger, really

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    Windrunner is too well established as a hero to be changed. Windranger does not roll off the tongue and I'm not saying it. And I can bet you 100% that no one else will either. It's like Furion, except that name was brought over from DotA, so this is worse.

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    Ugh, why are they thinking of changing it? "Wind Ranger" is honestly awful. It's clearly not because of copyrights, because it's been Windrunner for over 2 years now.

    Windrunner isn't infringing any copyrights, as they removed "Sylvanas", which was the copyrighted portion- it being Sylvanas the Windrunner in Dota 1, and Lyralei the Windrunner in Dota 2. Just like how other Dota 2 heroes still retain their true names, and all the copyrighted material has already been removed.

    It's as Darantei has said, Windrunner is far too well established to be changed at this point, and would ruin the character if it was changed.

    Valve, don't change this, "Wind Ranger" is truly awful. If anything, do use Lyralei- as it's much more fitting. Still though, Windrunner is 100% fine as it is.

    Even worse, all the voice acting could possibly be gone? That's even worse if so- all the great lines such as "Windrunner at your service!", "Windrunner returns!", and "First blood! Windrunner gets there first!" just can't be replicated and/or replaced. As well as all of the other lines including her name.

    Please Valve, we beg of you, don't ruin Windrunner by throwing all the fantastic and high spirited voice work down the drain, as well as the crumby renames. There is no reason at all to alter this after 2+ years.
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    They also changed Lycanthrope to Lycan.

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    Lycan is still technically Lycanthrope, only not in the text and in that response of his. Necrophos... no problem with Necrophos here, if anything it'll be a reason to get Mowry back in the studio and finally update all these old heroes.

    Windranger, see above. I'm actually surprised it wasn't one of the first to get changed - "Windrunner" is a name you see in the WC lore last time I checked, and still... but honestly, I very highly doubt it has ever had anything to do with copyright - you people came up with that excuse. There's some greater scheme behind it, or perhaps some greater incompetence.

    And it's things like this that make me regret I left STS. For about half a second. Which reminds me; perhaps someone is just shucking around.
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    Lyralei would be nice, but I don't mind Wind Ranger. She has a lot of Windrunner voice lines already, but I'm not sure that's important. It's just a title, for all I care, let people use cosmetics to change it. Arcana Windrunner name change, anyone?

    Could you explain what STS is? Without any knowledge of that, my guess is these are simply nicknames someone is using for her and you might be mistaken to think these are changes in the works.
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