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Thread: Please revert the changes to Necrolyte/Necropho's voice

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    Quote Originally Posted by bu3ny View Post
    If you didn't catch it, the mega deep voice got fixed.

    And if you want to have those sounds, in the update logs it said that they fixed his lines playing at 50% speed. So slowing down his current lines to 50% with some program should work.
    Yup I know, they fixed it like 3 hours after I used the hero, so I didn't actually "stop playing the hero", well I did, but 3 hours is kinda "meh"...

    Thanks tho.

    PS: I don't want the voices at all ROFL, maybe the HAHA voice, it was good for trolling, but nothing else :B

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    I'm unhappy about the voice change. I was disatisfied with the Beastmaster alteration when it happened too but I didn't think much of it because I don't play Beastmaster. I play Necrophos more frequently and I have to say the change to makes me want to not play him. It could be that I had just gotten used to the old voice but I feel the higher pitch is distracting and sounds wrong in general. I understand that Mowry's heroes sound samey and this was a method to fix that, I just think it was the wrong one. I also know it's not as easy as roping in another actor to do the job since that costs more time and money than altering voice processing.

    I don't expect the change to be reverted but even still I felt I had to voice my disatisfaction in hopes that another solution could be reached.

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    New sound is so terrible and must get changed
    The BM change is god against what they did to necro now
    Totally unacceptable
    My English is not great and i know it

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    New voice is bugged. But his voice responses are all the more disgusting in the new voice.

    Is there a way to remove voice-responses?

    A galloping infection.
    Plague spreader.
    I'll plague you.
    Here's pus in your eye.
    A pox upon you.
    Pox marks the spot!
    My name is lesion!
    Rancid death.
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