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Thread: RE: Luna's Nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuchumovn View Post
    Ha ha, that update sucks.
    A very bad job there, Volvo.
    The man who did the job should be fired the hell out of the company.
    My precious Alleria, the Windrunner becomes the stupid retarded braindead "Wind Ranger".
    Maybe it should have been "Walker, Texas Ranger"? Or "Range Rover"?
    Really, "wind runner", "drow ranger" — who cares 'bout those bitches, nobody even knows their names' meaning... The Hats are what matters. More useless stupid new heroes and more hats. More crafting and other stupid shit for kids.
    Where is my precious sexy nightly panther called Nova?
    What is that bulky stupid brutal lion thing?
    "Necrophos" is retarded as hell and so is his new voice.
    And the stupid useless "Stone Sucker" is fucking everyone's brain with his stupid stones.
    I have one word left for what you are doing with my precious DotA: Horrible...
    This! these things make my day
    full of nonsense "My precious Alleria"

    as I said is ironic to see such anger for silly things like characters name, and see any reaction from the community about mischaracterization

    *COF COFLegionCommanderCOf COF**
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