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Thread: RE: Luna's Nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by The4thSniporr View Post
    Panthers aren't copyrighted. Female warriors who use the moon as the source of their powers and ride on panthers, that's copyrighted.
    Im sorry but thats just wrong.

    Female warriors who use the moon as the source of their powers basically draw inspiration from ancient culture. See:
    Riding on black panthers being copyrighted is also an absurd claim akin to riding on giant eagles being copyrighted. (See Lord of the Rings example.)
    If LotR did not copyright riding on giant eagles, I do not see how games with way less scope and market capitalization would.
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    who cares? just mod it back to the original i'm sure most of the entire community don't even care bout the change.

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    Agreed, the new mount is unnecessary and spoils the character.
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    fuck you blizzard.

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    Naisha wasn't even a hero model. Just a customized Huntress unit model with her own voice lines. I doubt Blizzard would make Naisha as a Hero of the Storm so I think Valve is overreacting here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vermouth View Post
    If I use these textures will they get deleted every major patch, and I'll have to keep replacing them? Or will they stay forever? I'm also looking for the old Pudge model if you have anything like that.

    Thanks btw!
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    I am also here to complain the fact that NOUVA I mean Nova is suppsed to be a damn TIGER. BLIZZARD can't fucking trademark of copyright a woman riding a Black panther/Tiger. It's like copyrighting Santa. And they also can't copyright LUNA because it's simply the name for a moon and the name of probably quite a few thousand people out there too. If it was like that Sailor Moon could sue everyone and before then the Romans. Anyways.

    I am here to say BRING BACK THE BLACK TIGER / BLACK PANTHER NOVA. This lion thing is honestly bad looking and dare I say shit. OP explained it well.

    The Head Armor and the ears sticking out is what I think of when I think NOVA and when I think LUNA.

    For the love of god. Make the damn mount the old one but improve it. Why is it suddenly a damn lion?!

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    they could replace it with this. at least it looks good
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    Honestly that mane doesnt mean that Nova is male now. I mean that lantern that Slardar has is specific for female species of that deep water fish, and still he is male... This is fantasy mate, we got huge spiders, talking stones, big hybrid rhinos etc. You are going to get used on it, as we humans are adaptive by nature ! =)

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