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Thread: RE: Luna's Nova

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    RE: Luna's Nova

    It does not fit. The old Nova had more color diversity and looks aesthetically way better.
    NOTE: I am aware this video is from the old test client, the new Nova model has some changes to it, but the point still stands. For newer models, look at the screenshots below.

    Luna's mount never had a mane, not in Dota 1, not in Dota 2 2012, please do not change it now.

    If you want a mane, release it as a cosmetic.

    Please Valve, This is my favourite hero alongside many others and we request you do not mess with the original template design.

    Look at the voicelines:
    Hah! I remember when Nova tried to kill me. Good girl.
    Nova! I missed you!
    Nova? Nova?
    Hungry Nova?

    These lines have been ingrained so much into me as a Luna player, why change it now?
    Nova has always been a female panther cat-thing. Nova is silent and does not roar like Mirana's mount.
    New Model's mane is large and clips into Nova's front paws and into the ground. It would be difficult to imagine how an agile large black panther
    which is supposed to be a 'girl' should move with a cumbersome mane.
    Gameplay mechanics-wise, it would be difficult to justify Luna's 330 highest starting movespeed in the game with a sluggish male lion instead of a nimble panther.



    Dota 1 artwork:

    Dota 2 fanart:

    and many others on Google: Luna Dota 2
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    Actually, if they changed her voice lines to match, I suppose I don't mind. But I hope they don't get rid of the original voice itself, that was a good one!
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    Nova was allways a panther.

    Chainging the core principle of a hero is the worst idea ever.

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    this is serious, bring back nova

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    Not to mention that Luna's a night themed hero. Panthers are naturally nocturnal, lions aren't.

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    Panther is an integral and important part of the Luna. Because panther is a nightly animal, so it is associated with the moon and night. Panther is a symbol of the feminine energy. Its symbol of the formidable, beautiful, clever, cunning woman.
    Not a huge black lion!!!
    This lion looks very bad. Mane has a very bad texture, and it takes a very large part of the model.
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つPlease bring back panther!!!

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    +1 on everything. They could've up the quality on the old model, but not this.

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    what if this is a specie of panther on the dota world. u know its not earth so it can be a weird panther with mane. lol

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    + 1 I wanna spam NOOOOOOUVA ON twitch and it doens't feel natural anymore to call her/him NOOOUVA if it stays as Lion.
    Thank you IceFrog, Valve and Dota 2 team for everything you doing for Dota 2 community.

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