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Thread: Frostivus cancelled by the only king that matters!

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    Frostivus cancelled by the only king that matters!

    Well I called it. The Wraith is part of Frostivus, or Skeleton King as it were. I believe the Skeleton King shall cancel Frostivus, and players who wish to play Skeleton in the new update can play Wraith King as a stand-in. Also it seems that this is going to be a running joke in which Frostivus is continuously cancelled by horrible shit happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keowee View Post
    Next year Frostivus will be cancelled because Winter Wyvern will make it too cold to celebrate the holiday.
    4th year: the introduction of Phoenix will make all the snow melt and cause flood.
    5th year: Frostivus sabotaged by Techies.
    Remember, remember the 1st of November

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