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Thread: Ganking tutorial

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    Ganking tutorial

    hey, I suggest making a how-to-gank tutorial which will be after the lasthit practice, it will be two levels, first level will concentrate on teaching you the basics of ganking, bottling runes,warding and playing offensively against an AI.
    Second level:
    it will be a practice, you'll pick a hero, buy him items, and when you're ready press the "ready" button, 5 enemy heroes appear'll and you'll have to kill them before the timer reaches zero(they wont respawn and they all level 6)the timer will be... hmmm maybe 20mintues?
    you'll also farm to get items that will help you ganking the AI, which will be a useful 2-in-1 practice. (combining ganking practice and lasthitting).

    edit: I don't know if I posted this in the right place, and if I didn't please move it to its place.

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    I don't think you can teach ganking, its something you learn as you play.
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