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Thread: Smarter auto-purchase, should buy most expensive affordable piece

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    Smarter auto-purchase, should buy most expensive affordable piece

    Right-clicking to purchase an upgraded item (made from more than one item) should do a better job of purchasing the items needed. Right now if you can't afford to complete the item, you have to individually purchase pieces.

    Example scenario:
    I want to buy Yasha, and I have 1200 gold. I right click on Yasha in the store.
    Current outcome:
    Receive the "not enough gold" error.
    Desired outcome:
    Automatically purchase most expensive affordable piece, a Blade of Alacrity (+10 agi, 1000g), for me.

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    Good suggestion, this would save a lot of time not having to left click to recipe and buy the individual items.

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    yeah, I like this feature, it'd be like in HoN, makes shopping waaaay easier and comfortable.

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    Makes shopping TOO easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamza View Post
    Makes shopping TOO easy.
    LOL, cause shopping is an integral strategic part of DotA isn't it? Actually scrolling through items and right-clicking the specific ones you need is another skill you need to master, right?

    Obviously this is a great suggestion, there's no need to enter a house through a window when the door has already been opened - just make it like in HoN. You can even go further and select items you want to buy in advance and the moment you farm enough gold the item is bought for you automatically.

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    Adding this as a feature couldn't possibly hurt.

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    Dont agree at all. When you click an item, in the bottom part of the shop you get the diagram showing how is it made. There you can click parts one by one (dont have to browse through shop).

    When I click on Yasha, i want to buy Yasha, and not Blade of Alacrity. If I see that I don't have enough money, I may want to buy something else.

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