My story of Dota (Dunt be harsh pls)


Back when the earth was still together in a big continent called "Pangaea", the human people were just rising. This new world, so unknown the human race, so beautiful. Way out of picture of the real story of DOTA, that was just beginning to brew on the other side of the world, behind Pangaea, on a city in the middle of nowhere, called Atlantis. The people of Atlantis weren't "normal", each individual had a strong aspect inside of them, a power that could be released and controlled only with strong minds.

The population of the Atlantis was constantly fighting, the hatred, the envy, the search to be the best among all the people in island was continuously a bloodbath. Until one they, everything changed. Something emerged from the shadows of a pit in the middle of the city, and started talking to the citizens. He called himself Shadow Fiend, driven to this place by the negativity forces in the air. He doomed the Atlantis, saying that it would take the land as a sacrifice to himself, unless the people of Atlantis gathered the best heroes to fight against the Fiend and beat him. An arena was created, a place where anyone could join and battle the enemy to death on a tournament to see who was the best. A 1000 citizen of Atlantis fought to death in a magic hurricane, until the fight was over.

5 remaining heroes, with bare strength to keep on fighting, were the chosen ones to fight the Fiend. The demon, surprised by Atlantis heroes, decided to take the fight into the arena that the people of Atlantis had created. So he summoned his forces, bringing his servants, named after Doom, Shadow Demon, Lich and Lifestealer, which was Shadow Fiend pet named N'aix.

The heroes, decided to reveal themselves to the demons and were known as Omniknight, Chen, Keeper of the Light, Mirana and Dragon Knight. They proved to be the strongest heroes of all that lived on the Atlantis, to take down the shadows. The arena, modified by Shadow Fiend rules to make it more "Entertaining", was now a defense to a building so powerful and mythical, that it was the one that would decide the fate of the heroes. The fight began, and the heroes couldn't fight against the demons, they were too powerful for them and the heroes didn't had any sense of teamwork, since living on the Atlantis has constantly make them hate between each other more and more.

The end was near, the Ancient of the heroes team was about to be destroyed, and the Fiend was casting the destruction of the Atlantis. But the heroes decided to take the chance and joined forces, and took down the enemy and stopped Shadow Fiend cast. They thought they had won, but the ancient that was supposed to be defended by the heroes was destroyed, and so the fate of the Atlantis. It was over for them, but the demons couldn't come back from where they came from, they were stuck there to be doomed along the people and the heroes, because of the last fight that the heroes won, stopping them from going back to the shadows.

A tsunami swallowed the city and the arena. Not even the gods knew what happened there, but most of them assume that Atlantis was destroyed forever, along with the demons. Other said that the arena fight wasn't destroyed and that the fight remains are still there. But some of the gods assume that the heroes that died trying to prove who were the best revived all together and that the Fiend called on his forces to destroy them on an endless arena fight, where the rules are still the same, but the fight is always different. Doomed in a endless limbo, where the fight would go on for ages, again, and again, and again...

These gods called the arena... Defense of The Ancients...