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Thread: minimap shows enemy starting positions

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    minimap shows enemy starting positions

    I have noticed at the start of a match lately the minimap displays all enemies regardless of vision.
    This has happened with a prophet cliff jungling where at the start of the round my map displays his name at a location and sure enough i find him there

    here is a recent match where i get minimap location of enemy alch without ever having seen him

    here he is at top rune waiting, we have no vision

    he takes an illusion rune

    i took this screenshot kind of late but basically my minimap displays 3 alchs on top rune, the moment he took it

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    Known bug. Were you lagging when it happened?

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    i wasn't lagging

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    How has this not already been flagged as Critical and hidden?
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    It happens to me every single game, and only occurs because of the use of "minimap names instead of icons" (and probably "names always on minimap").

    This bug is annoying as I don't want to switch to hero icons on the minimap, the hero names is way too handy. It's been happening since the three spirits update.

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