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Thread: gem error

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    gem error

    퍼지 고래 훅 에 젬을 3개 장착 했다.*

    첫번째 젬은 Kill gem : 0

    두번째 젬은 Enemy Heroes Hooked : 13 <ㅡ 13 is Sticking out unseed*

    ↑ hangul error missing number.

    세번째 젬은 Flesh Heap Total : 0*

    그런데 두번째 젬의 한글 번역이 문제가 있다.*

    고기갈고리로 낚은 적 영웅 뒤 숫자가 안보인다.

    두번째 젬에 숫자가 안보이는걸 확인 후 고쳐주기 바란다.

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    3 Fuzzy whales were fitted with a hook on the GEM. *

    Gem of the first Kill gem: 0

    The second gem is Enemy Heroes Hooked: 13 <13 is Sticking out unseed * ㅡ

    ↑ hangul error missing number.

    The third gem is Flesh Heap Total: 0 *

    But the second problem is the gem of the Hangul translation *

    Did you get that meat hooks behind enemy hero can not see the number.

    I do not see him on a number of gems, check the second post fixed me know.
    I have no idea what that means but looks like some kind of economy bugs with new tracking gems.

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