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Thread: [Suggestion] Shortcut to tournaments I own a ticket for

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    [Suggestion] Shortcut to tournaments I own a ticket for

    I would like shortcut(s) to tournaments I have a ticket for. If a tournament is still ongoing but has not had games in a couple of days, like with ASUS DreamLeague presently, it drops down the pages fast. To now see details about this specific tournament, I have to scan every page until page 4. Scanning pages for the right tournament feels unnecessary and I would like some quality of life improvements.

    Possible solutions
    A list of owned tickets already exists in the Dota Profile page and clicking a ticket from this list would take you to the tournament page. Though for users with a large amount of tickets I do not know how usable this would be.

    Under the Watch tab --> Events, there is a lot unused space. Here I think a list of tournaments I own tickets for that are also still ongoing, could suit nicely.

    Under the Watch tab --> Tournaments, a checkbox could be ticked to activate a filter to show only tournaments I own a ticket for.

    Under the Watch tab, a new tab could be created to list all tournaments I own a ticket for, with the option to filter active tournaments.

    Other related quality of life improvements:
    During events like The International and the lastest MLG, multiple games have been played simultaneously. Refreshing the tournament details page to show live games feels slow. Under Watch tab --> Live Games, having an option to filter live tournament games I own a ticket would be great.

    Under the Watch tab --> Downloads, I do not get information about the games, such as if they're part of a tournament or what game in a series it is.

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    I was just thinking that the other day. Should be able to access the tournament from clicking on the ticket and there should be a way to filter current tournaments by owned tickets (maybe also by region or language - as in international, local, english, russian w/e to easily find what you are interested in?).

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