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Thread: Lutez' Thas; The Forgotten Brother

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    Lutez' Thas; The Forgotten Brother

    Lutez' Thas ; The Forgotten Brother.

    Str based hero. Melee.

    While his brother, Kael' was the known as The Invoker, Lutez' was navigating the shadows. Not even his own brother knew of his existence. Lutez was not as gifted with the arcane, thus he followed his brother in search of ways to understand his potent ability to invoke magic at will. Years of failure in the arcane made Lutez a being of Hate, Envy and Despair.The faithful night eventually came, and The Invoker eluded his unknown follower. That night, in the shroud of darkness Lutez broke out in a rage so vivid, that the true potential of Darkness revealed itself to him. Hate, Envy and Despair infused The Forgotten Brother. With his newly gained capacity at darkness, the arcane became a truly easy world to manipulate at will, but at the cost of his own health...

    Q ; Hate; Channeling hate each stack give Lutez ; 6% Hp regen and STR gain of 2/4/6/8/10/12/14

    W ; Despair; Giving into despair each stack grants; -4/4/6/6/8/8/10% hp regen, +2/4/6/8/10/12/14 AS/MS as well as Agi gain of 2/4/6/8/10/12/14

    E ; Envy; Envy gift The Forgotten with each stacks; 6% Mana regen, Int gain of 2/4/6/8/10/12/14 as well as +100 vision range per stack.

    R; Rage; (cost a Hp% per cast). Invoke the combination of all different Rage aspect into spells. (upgradable by Aghs scepter for shorter cooldown and reduced amount of HP% removal per uses)

    QQQ; Hate Scream; Scream with hate The Forgotten Slows enemy in a 325 radius/250 range.Slow and Over time damage based on Hate.

    QQW; Furious Pull; By hate and despair Lutez drags an enemy back to him, max range based on lvl of Despair. Healing an amount based on distance traveled and Hate level.

    QQE; Hate Spear; The Forgotten Throws a Flaming spear that follows target. Cast range based on Envy. Damage based on Hate.(can be disjointed)

    WWW; Sacrificial Burn; With ultimate despair The Forgotten burns his own life in the intent of damaging his foe. Dmg to self and Damage to enemy based on lvl of Despair. 250 cast range.

    WWQ; Desperate Dash;Lutez Dashes forward while sending short duration illusion in 5 different location. Number of illusion based on Despair (illusion are passive can't attack and walk in straight lines, have unit collision)

    WWE; Mana Shriek; The Forgotten Burns a large portion of his mana and burn the same amount to target enemy(with small radius around target) Radius based on Envy. Mana burn based on Despair.

    EEE; Ultimate Envy; The Forgotten's envy of his target makes him blink directly behind the target, mini-stunning the target. Range based on Envy

    EEQ; Rage Beam; Lutez' cast forth a short range beam that damage and stun all unit in it's path. Damage based on Hate. Stun duration based on Envy.

    EEW; Rage Ward; Lutez' Summons an unmovable Rage Ward that gives Mana regen and Vision a short duration. Global cast. long cooldown. Mana regen based on Envy. Rage Ward health based on Despair.

    QWE; Vortex Rage; Channeling all his rage, The forgotten pulls all enemy in a short range directly in front of him, slowing them and dealing damage over time. Range based on Envy. Slow based on Despair. Damage based on Hate.
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    Gee my oh my, have I and the rest of the createfanbackstorieswhenyouarebored community created a monster over here.

    This is utterly irrelevant, the creation of a second Invoker-style hero is the close to the height of improbability, the Invoker is called Carl in Dota 2 (not necessarily a good thing but still), and... I won't go on, really.
    Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


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    While we may be accepting some balance discussions these days, this still isn't the place for hero suggestions - that is still PlayDota. And yes, I'm aware it is currently unavailable, but that doesn't make these forums any better a place for something like this. And one more thing:

    Quote Originally Posted by OneLogiq View Post
    Not even his own brother knew of his existence.
    Never, never, NEVER use these kind of plot excuses in any way, shape or form in any kind of fanfic. Writing your character into an already existing world is one thing. This right here is shoehorning it in. In a very poor way.

    Closing this.
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