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Thread: [SUGGESTION] block sets

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    [SUGGESTION] block sets

    Early game, I try to kill furion in the woods, i see a courier I start to kill it and then I see another 2 couriers and then I realise that it is his ents. I'm fed up with this and I want to have an option to block all heroes sets and play with defaul models.

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    =))))))) "Noob" =))))))

    And still some ability modifiers are to alike the couriers.
    +1 Valid for Halloween courier + Furion's trees.
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    2 other couriers? You either need to see a doctor or you are blowing this way out of proportion. I'm not even going to go into different minimap icons and hp, but you need to know that cosmetics are never going to get blocked because the "show-off factor" plays a role in people buying them.
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    good idea, im making a workshop which nature summons are couriers

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