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Thread: Newbie Welcome Gift for Old players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noo View Post
    Probably not, you can use the battle points booster they gave you.
    He says, he is level 5. I doubt that if he have received even battle points.

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    I don't remember in which gift the booster was in.

    If you want I'll give you one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cigxice View Post
    Sorry, if my comments were confusing. What i meant was that i want to open the 10th gift not that im lvl 10 . If im not mistaken, 10th gift requires everyone to up 5 lvl regarless of their current lvl, right?

    neway really hope that the welcoming gifts is not part of the wraith king/frostivus event thingy and that its perm. Saving up my booster for when i got 500 mins to kill =))
    The chests won't expire. They don't have a timer on them, unlike some other seasonal chests (sometimes those timers are also inaccurate).

    The 500min booster only counts when you're actually playing games. You can just activate it now. However, I have no idea how it works with games that don't reward bp (wraith king).

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    i start new account and i don't get welcome gift, how can i get it ?

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    The chests are PERMANENT and stick with you FOREVER. The items after the first 10, will always always be +5 to your current level, meaning you're now X, it will be +5,+10,+15.
    All the items are trade-able from the chests. TRADING 4EVAR HUEHEUHEUE HATZ

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    I haven't played for several months.. logged on a couple weeks ago.. and got a TON of presents!

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