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Thread: Getting really low amount of points in MMR

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    Getting really low amount of points in MMR

    *low amount of mmr in ranked matchmaking

    It's getting ridiculous my stack and I are getting 2-10 points in almost every game, and some of them are not even HUGE stomps, just normal games that take 30+ mins.
    I don't know what to do, this is ranked matchmaking, we pick good heroes that we want to win with, and we waste 40 mins for 2 points? and when we get stomped we lose 26 (lost all the points we gained from the "stomps").
    screen 1-
    screen 2 -

    I know that we are spirit pickers and stuff but getting 2 points for like 5 games is just stupid, we are playing to win, don't see why we would get such a low amount of points, it's logical to get a low amount but not THATTT low, seriously valve... please fix this.
    why the hell would i get low points for easily won games? we dont even 5man stack, we are MAX 3.
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    Here's an idea; don't play for MMR, play for the game!

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    Since the amount of MMR gained or lost is based on the differentials between the two teams, it seems you are queueing at times when there aren't other 5.5k players queueing and thus you don't really deserve more points for beating weaker opponents?

    But if you only care about seeing bigger numbers lost or gained, then simply stop playing the spirits then .

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    I used to play Trackmania Nations.

    Climbing from 1 000 000th ranking to top 10 000 took just a little time. Climbing from top 10 000 to top1000 took some time. Climbing from top1000 to top100 took a lot of time. You see my point? Theres no need to differentiate less than 5% of players with huge numbers and after reaching some point you are sitting at the top with nowhere to go. Although, there are stacks playing in 6000+ range, so its a little weird the numbers are so low I must admit. Looks like the matchmaking has troubles finding enough skilled players to match you against or it gives you less points for winning against lower ranked players probably because the 5000+ region is still really high...definitely less than 5%

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    Probs low uncertainty levels for you guys,just my oppinion tho.
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    Don't play AP.

    thread closed.

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    holy shit there is no better time to write this than this

    dude: don't play for tryhards, play for the game

    no really, play for the game, don't play for the score. this is an absolutely great game, and even the losses can be used to show how much you can learn with the game
    its magnificient, dont embrace the losses, dont embrace the wins,

    feel the love of the game, the syncronization, the whgatever hoes on that makes it all wrork and make it a win/andorlosssse

    seriously, u gave like \50000games and i keep clocking hours on this, even with losses, i must be either a lunatic or a complete psyyhco, or i must love the game really much, but i really think that this game is absolutely wonderfull

    best competitiveness + gameplay mixture ever, makes you go back to it every goddamn time the competitiveness makes you want more, and the gameplay makes you not get bored becayse endless variables!
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