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Thread: Bastion Announcer missing Windranger pick line.

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    Bastion Announcer missing Windranger pick line.

    It's the only hero missing a line when you choose it.

    Necrophos line was chopped, and now the announcer doesn't say his name. It's understandable.

    But Windranger line is completely missing. The second part after the name could be added! ("All the good ones are hard to catch aren't they?")


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    Not only that but Bastion pack just say the name "Skywrath Mage" with nothing after it.

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    ^Because the other line for SWM doesn't fit anymore. He talks about a giant beast which he rides, but he doesn't do that. He flies by himself.

    I suppose none of the lines for Elder Titans are used either. They all call him by his name during his beta and the bonus line is also related to the beta-phase name.

    Necro's line is outdated

    OD too

    Wraith King too
    and not sure if it's just missing in the wiki, I couldn't find there a follow-up line for him

    One of TB's lines are unfitting since his title isn't Soul Keeper anymore

    Io is outdated, too, though I think it's still ok to have it ingame but I don't know if it's still used. He still is a wisp afterall

    And just noticed, there are lines for "unkown" picks.
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