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Thread: Return Solo Queue

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    10/10, would stack again.

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    Solo-queue never existed. It was just a placebo button. It does the exact same thing today. This has been confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berra_la View Post
    I do agree that the option to force solo-q should be there for those that want it, but this (see below) might have something to do with it. Regardless, I thought it was an interesting read.


    Obviously this might require some more tweaking, or just time to get people out of the evaluation period so that proper matches can be found more easily.
    Well... I do notice a key word in the quote:
    5. Each team contains about the same number of parties. For example, the matchmaker tries to avoid matching a party of 5 against against 5 individual players.
    I do appreciate it trying and all but I really think players would like the option to actually force it. I know I would.

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    I need to correct it, it does show stacks in the game. When the match is over.

    However, Ive been kinda inactive for the past few weeks. But I checked out the updates when they came out and played like a game or 2 a week.

    Now what Ive noticed was- the servers were fkd up in the last weeks, more often than they worked flawlessly. Especially since the 3 spirits update. I was like- whatever Fuckvo, allways need a week after a major patch for the servers to run halfways how they should.

    Turns out it never actually got better. The servers will drop you for no reason. Whenever you press on someones dota profile and check out the last games, the fkn Game disconnects from the server.

    I mean, lets be honest here, do they seriously just DGAF? I have no others explanation other than this to why the servers are still fkd up since several weeks now. Especially that stat checking thing, where the you disconnect from the server, its like months old now. Dont those f-faces inted to look into this issue FFS?
    Other than that, save yourself getting mad over retarded Matchmaking. I mean my last game, you can check it out. We had 2 supports and neither of them bought wards or Mekanism or even manaboots...we had Rubik and Necro. Now how do you not make a Mekanism when youre one of the supports... Instead, they went for Soul Booster and shadowblade. I mean really? In super late game those 2 supports were like big freekill creeps, absolutely useless. Cant even use as meatshield at all, as they melt in 50 milliseconds.
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    Valve, I don't want to play with a 4 stack. This or remove the report option.

    This is a complaint about the removal of the solo queue option.

    Note that I'm not complaining about playing AGAINST stacks. I don't want to play with a 4 stack on my side because by soloing you get matched with lower ranking stacked players.

    I can immediately notice when the 4 stack is bad by their positioning, failed harassments by creep tanking and a multitude of other reasons.

    And then when they fail miserably, they can only blame the 5th solo player on their side, report him etc.

    P.S: I haven't played a match since the frostivus patch, this is an imaginary scenario and I know it's bound to happen. I refuse to play Ranked MM until they implement Solo Ranked MM / fix the current algorithm AND remove the report option.

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    It's probably an oversight that the option was removed from the GUI. Some of you are grossly overreacting.

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    Yay, now we can have games with 5 solo-que against a 5 man stack. How lovely. Thankfully I can't play anyway because it can't connect to servers. Even if it would, I wouldn't be able to play because the new maps fucks up my FPS. This is by far the worst patch in any game I've played thusfar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ned_ballad View Post
    It's probably an oversight that the option was removed from the GUI. Some of you are grossly overreacting.

    yeh and thats why people are complaining about it even if the GUI clearly shows that they are matched with stacks. hm i wonder why its "just" the UI
    If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldebaran View Post

    I refuse to play Ranked MM until they implement Solo Ranked MM / fix the current algorithm AND remove the report option.
    And drop that pathetic chat ban Bullshit. I mean having a chatbanned guy in a team is like total nonsense. Im chatbanned now. We had 2 supports who didnt buy wards or Mek or Manaboots. Now how do you ask them with the Chatwheel to buy a fkn Mekanism? Show me Fuckvo pls.

    dude bad positioning?

    I see it in the first seconds when the retards autoattack wave creeps. In one of my last games on US east, where I had 3 retards from mexico it seemed like or some other 3rd world country. And as soon as sniper decided to go safelane and Death Prophet went mid, and spammed firs skill on creeps- I was like, OK fuckvo you done goofed me. No way to win this game, which was a total stomp on us.

    I mean how in the fck do i get matched with ppl like that? I mean spamming first skill in the midlane... Even when I played the first 5 dota games I wouldnt do it, since a normal person realizes that having no mana due to constant spam on creeps, in a moment you need it, is sheer retarded.
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    If it was a gui oversight, people who had solo queue selected before would still have it activated
    Valve fucked us in the ass and removed it intentionally, probably in some doltish reason about "queue times for RMM"

    If I play dota 2 without solo queue, it will be on smurf accounts where I feed 10 games in a row, thats the only way to get fair games

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