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Thread: Return Solo Queue

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    Quote Originally Posted by serfreeman1337 View Post
    Reports from party players doesn't stacks, as far i know from dota2 reddit.

    Maybe make Dota2MatchMakingWorksPerfect!!
    Why there is division for solo and party mmr then? WHY!?
    For "wow my friend boosted me 2700 party mmr while im 1200 player"?
    FOR THIS? (there is dota2 below 3k mmr btw)

    All information shared in REDDIT has no proof. You believe what they said? Are they the developer or Dota 2 team who posted in this forum before or

    There is one thing very uncommon sense as the game itself said "SOLO MATCHMAKING". The word of "SOLO" is there. But why the player who playing in solo way has to team up with players in party?
    Solo mix with party? That is called mix matchmaking already. No specified playing role can be distributed or given to players in the team (not party). I mean when they matched up with 5 players across the world, if there is a solo player match up with a party, how they want to distribute their role? Do you realize or aware that Dota 2 matchmaking has a lot of problems in roles distribution or laning? Many players always argue or quarrel in the game because of that.
    If the game want to go SOLO, then it must go SOLO for each player in the team so that the player can learn to build himself to compromise with others.
    If the game want to go PARTY, then it must go PARTY for the team so that the players can learn to form a team (5 in a team or 3+2 in a team).
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    I just teamed up with a 2-man party with 3 solo's (including myself).

    Question: Does that game mean it was a solo MMR for me and party MMR for them?

    I queued for SOLO MMR. :/
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    7.00 version doto. NO <[[[TRUE]]]> SOLO QUEUE UNRANKED ................................F*CK!!!

    Edit: Cause guys we have PSEUDO solo queue ............ WTF IS THAT S*IT THEY HAVE GIVEN US! T__T
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    Hello thread, I hope everyone is well

    Bumping this glorious thread for this weekend and the patch notes:

    For this weekend we are testing some changes to matchmaking:
    - Parties can only play in unranked matches.
    Now, I don't play ranked, but for those of you that do, if that's actually saying what I think it's saying, go get your solo queue fix in ranked this weekend! (right?? I don't know what else it could mean)

    If ranked remains solo queue only I will put serious thought to playing it. As it is, I've never seen a reason to bother with it, but with no parties and just solo players who are inclined to cooperate, and as good as solo-queue was way back in the day, I would have to consider it...
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