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Thread: Frostivus reliquaries and drop rate

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    Frostivus reliquaries and drop rate

    yeah i was only able to play 1 time luckly and my team mates were bunch of noobs and at that time i realised that the reliquaries are to damn expensive and time consuming to get i really like the idea of being the items free but its too much time consuming and people are barely getting to play i would suggest that you guys should lower the amount of shards needed so it would be easier for people to get and one more thing i would like to add is that dota 2 developers are getting greedier day by day my friends those are playing from the start are telling me that the item drop was so good that we didnt need to buy items which was good it was easy to trade and the events were so awesome and easy that it was raining rares but now they are just giving out chests and common items when a person level up so please please please i request not everyone can afford the items what i personly think its racism that most of the people arent able to afford these items so please please please increase the drop rate system again and help 3rd world country people also enjoy dota 2 items which they only dream to get just like me

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    greedier and greedier
    meanwhile at dota2 store 75% off
    also most new sets are cheap as fuck
    cheap haters gonna hate....and be cheap

    but yes i do agree that the costs of fragments should be around 15-20% less

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    You came late to the party. Enjoy yourself with the free game, grab whatever you have and go fish to d2l if u are so desperate for items.

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