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Thread: Matchmaking feedback

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    Matchmaking feedback

    My matchmaking rating is currently 4328. I dont know what the maximum amount of points someone currently possesses is, but i assume my rating is very high end.
    Having said that, i keep getting matched with people that dont know how to play (in comparison to me). Its not limited to my side, my opponents are also bad.
    They dont buy wards, they dont buy couriers, they stand afk in the lane and leech exp as support. We lose in the picking phase because people dont know that a team without a single carry and without any pushing potential cannot hope to win, but they pick it anyways. They random an additional jungler to the one we already have and dont repick... into default lose. We get a furion that buys 4 couriers at minute 0, ports into the enemy base and feeds them all to the enemies.

    Those people do not deserve that ranking. Your matchmaking rating gain/loss algorithm is not working the way it should be if people like that can reach that many points and get matched with me.
    I dont know how you can improve it, im just telling you that i am outclassing every single player that i get matched with (on both sides of the teams).
    I always win my midlane, i always win my hardlane solo vs dual/trilanes (because they just dont know how to play).
    I win those lanes because i outclass my opponents there by a huge margin, which tells me they are not really worthy of 4328 mmr points.
    My teammates just further cement this by playing just as bad as my opposing midlaner/trilaner.
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