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Thread: General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

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    Fuck your template !

    Match ID: 438687818

    In this match I got flamed before creeps spawn. Then I was solo farming ez lane w/o contentest, it was nice. But then when I looked my team feed MID OFFLANE and JUNGLE. And then they continue flaming me cuz they feed. I fineshed with more kills then my entire team together but still the enemy raped us.

    Here is my ranked matchmaking experience.

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    - I like that now I can see my rating!
    - I played the 10 games and I have got solo 4120, and 3748 in parties.
    - That is ok for me, because when I play in parties it is normal to see my friends ruining the game just to have fun, probably that is why I have a lower rating em parties.
    - It was curious that in one game where I won, instead of raising my ranking I actually lost some points, probably because I was carried by the others and played very bad
    - During this 10 games I only got 2 horrible games without crow/wards, but the rest were 50/50 nice games.

    - Noone for now.

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    - It is finally here.

    - Extremely crap matchmaking algorithm, matching ruiners/people who random for 4th/5th pick/leavers/and so on with people who actually know how to play. Extremely one sided games absolutely most of the time, no solo que (if someone does que solo, he can get matched against or with stacks). MMR rating goes down even if a player performs very well, most of the time, so it does not matter how good or crap you play - only matters if you win or lose.

    How to fix - GREATLY change the matchmaking, finally filter by regions (so people with, say above 150 or so ping) do not lag and ruin games, make language filter work, so people who can not speak english do not get matched with people who can only speak english, make acess to ranked matchmaking harder to get and take it away if they play too casually/leave/ruin/so on. And make your mmr change depending on many variables, not just win and loss. It could scale with heroes/units spotted by your wards, your last hits or denies, tower damage, hero healing, hero damage, invisible heroes/units detected and so on, many stats, so if you perform above the values given for these parameters in your MMR, your MMR goes up, and you do not get dragged down by forced losses if you play well.

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    - Level requirement to play
    - no lpq players allowed
    - both solo and team rating


    - I can't see enemies/teammates rating: show everyones rating, for those who are afraid of showing it can play in the casual queue. i want to know how good my enemies are and how tryhard i have to pick.

    - NO SOLOQ! Fix: bring it back, it is retarded to let soloplayers face stacks. extreme advantage for 5 stacks + it's HELL to play 4+1 if youre soloing. you will be abused by the 4 man stack as solo player

    -stacks are not shown in the beginning of the match: gives unfair advantage to stack players --> just lay down the cards in the loading screen and show the stacked players
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    R.I.P. DOTA

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    -closer games so far
    -players are doing their best (well... most of the time)


    -ap in ranked
    change it to all draft

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    - I dislike all aspects of Ranked matchmaking.
    I like the solo queue better. Oh wait..
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    MMR Hell
    Ranked is a lie. I'm often being matched with calibrating users while i am 4100 mmr and the enemy is somewhere in between 4200-4450, very disbalanced, 90% onesided games. My team either loses by 50k gold disadvantage or wins by 50k gold advantage... Please volvo improve.

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    When you are playing with one friend in party it's called party mmr, but when you are playing solo mmr against stack of two it's called solo matchmaking , are you serious valve. This system really makes sence.

    Such system much wow

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    -Finally players can focus hardly on games.
    -Visual Ratings

    -5 party members vs. 5 solo players. What. The. Fuck. This is really gonna getting on my nerves, as my team always feeds like if it would be the first day of Dota 2.
    -Solo queue removed... Why on earth did you do that?
    -Non-english speakers. Wohoo.

    Everything else is fine, but the system REALLY needs some improvements.

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    Ranked MM is pointless without a proper ladder and divisions, which means public stats and MMR visible to everyone.

    Currently there's no point in playing it. Yeah you get a number and then what?

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