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Thread: General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

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    -Yay ratings
    -Yay sometimes people that actually know meta
    -Yay competative players

    -Ruiners (about 40% of games)
    -Players that don't follow the meta (ruiners?)
    -Intentional feeders
    -Parties and solo not separated
    -No brackets (no separation)
    -No punishments for bad performance (team should be able to down-vote someone for harsh penalty)
    Quote Originally Posted by WhaleRum View Post
    I'm not sure what you are saying no to? That's what I said is it not?

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    Well, I think we can sum up this thread by :

    -Some people do, maybe 10-15%

    - Well pretty much everyone doesn't like the whole half-assed ranking system, GG Valve concede already ?

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    10 calibration games and +50 2-3 good games rest trash big time trash i started with 3400rank now im 2900 it just drag me down to my
    party rank

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    I honestly didn't have a decent game of dota ever since I started doing ranked.

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    Before the standard DISLIKE-LIKE format i would like to show you some of my experiences of dota 2 matchmaking. This:
    Attachment 21299Attachment 21300Attachment 21301Attachment 21302Attachment 21303Attachment 21304Attachment 21305Attachment 21306Attachment 21307Attachment 21308Attachment 21309

    This guy was feeding and his gameplay just doesn't belong to this ~4000 game. And just look at the pictures, yay hes level 14 and won 38 games. Why on earth do i have to play with people like this? It's okay if somebody is a beginner, everybody was but i am lvl 93 with a party rating at 4270. My party mates were around me except Laron1 who is level 36 and has 291 won game but a ~4000 mmr. As you can see on the pictures this game is perfectly unbalanced.

    Let's summarize the mmr-s, played games, levels:

    4270-805-94 vs ?-1032-111
    ?-38-14 vs ?-706-111
    3743-291-36 vs ?-538-87
    3821-1032-128 vs ?-770-129
    ?-635-81 vs ?-618-82

    The average level of my team: 70,6
    The average level of the enemy team: 104

    Gap between the highest vs lowest in my team: 114
    Gap between the highest vs lowest in the enemy team: 47

    That's a big difference. It's okay that MMR is the main number in the ranking system, but levels are important too. It says how long you are playing dota 2. As an experienced player with +4 years of dota, i want to play with similar players not with fresh regs. I am very interested what was their MMR but i am a bit sceptic about it was balanced.

    Let's jump into my next game, i wont upload all the pics now just let's look at that guy:
    Attachment 21311

    He's at level 269 and +2000 won games. ????? I had to play mid against this and i had similar team like the last game. Of course we got stomped to death, it wasn't even a game, i just wasted my freetime. And yes, at the end of the game get the massive flame, the arrogant style, EZ, etc.

    I could tell you a thousand of anecdotes of the pain, suffer of a daily average dota 2 match, you know when the enemy is much more organized, have full map control, when our support plays carry etc. etc.... but nobody interested in it. Any player could tell anything.

    Let's face some of the biggest issues i dislike in dota 2 ranked matchmaking.

    - 90% of the games are unbalanced, it doesn't matter for which side, i don't really enjoy when we stomp because it's over from the beginning and it's too easy not talking about when we got stomped
    - Slow match finding, it's 3-4 minutes if we are lucky and it's time while we pick too. I think the pick time in AP should be decreased because nobody picks, everybody just waiting for the others due to counterpick
    - Too many pauses, in every game, there is a pause because somebody freeze out, or crash, or just something got wrong with their computer. This should be punished because it's a big time waste, usually to play i have to wait 10 minutes. (sum of everything, pause, matchfind etc.) I want to play with people who haven't got internet problems etc. A checkbox would be nice for example to filter those players out who drop out frequently. Or just decrease the pause time.
    - Too few reports and not enough report reason. We need a report policy for playing solo and ignoring the whole team for example. A simple "other" reason button would be perfect.
    - Very serious problem is what we call fountainstomping. If the enemy wins, gets in to the base and not pushing it in and finish, just standing in front of the well and kill, kill, kill. We just die, die, die and they are doing it for 15 minutes. This is revolting. The fountain can't protect against an overfed enemy. Make the fountain stronger, or give us a safe place somewhere behind it or something. I can imagine it like if 2-3 lanes got destroyed you have the oppurtinity to make yourself invulnerable under the fountain and ofc you can't move, can't spell, can't attack etc. It's unacceptable to stand and wait 10 minutes while the enemy just chops everybody beyond reason.
    - Language problems. I can't communicate because half of my team can't speak english. If somebody choose english, then make them compulsorily use it. It's not english when somebody just keeps writing in phonetic but latin letters. Send them to lowprio. This is unacceptable too, if you choose english, speak english. Simple rule.
    - Lane choosing. Half of this section should be on the LIKES because it was a very nice idea to put a minimap and be able to show the others where do you want to go. What i dislike is that nobody uses this feature. It's very painful when we just lose the game at the pick/lane choosing phase. Good solution is to don't let the players pick, before they not picking a location on the minimap.

    I hope some of my points will have some kind of impact.

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    - I like that for the most part games seem to be some what more balanced

    - I dislike this sort of stuff (4 Chinese guys in a party on my team and 5 man stack of Russians on the other side yet I'm queued EU West with only English selected)
    "Explain why you do not like it. Give examples (with matchID if possible)."
    Match 440474380

    - I dislike that there is no longer a solo queue option

    "Finally, you must tell us what we can do to improve this aspect. (MANDATORY)"

    Bring back the solo for starters, then set it so you can only queue in the language set by your pc and not just any language you feel like clicking on thinking it will get you a game faster, I dont mind none English speakers in my games but if you select English as a language please understand it and/or attempt to use it. That game i mentioned at the start all Chinese guys on my team and not one of them speaking English Vs a 5man stack, how do you expect people to play as a team if language cant even be a common ground

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    - It exists
    - Matchmaking rating is visible (limited)

    - No Region locks for Ranked?
    Different regions have different skill distributions leading to necessary region locks
    Suggestion: Implement region locks for Ranked

    - No harsher punishment for feeders/griefers
    Feeders/Griefers should be punished more heavily.
    Suggestion: Implement Ranked matchmaking cool-down 2-3 days for feeding/griefing

    - Selecting a language preference incorrectly is not punished
    Incorrect language preference should be punished heavily in ranked.
    Suggestion: Implement Ranked matchmaking cooldown 1-2 days for incorrect language preference.

    - Average difference between best and worst player ~700 rating.
    Difference between best and worst player should be minimized.
    Suggestion: Implement option to optimize game balance by waiting for a longer queue.

    - AP exists in Ranked
    AP with random option is the definition of casual.
    Suggestion: Change AP to Blind pick or remove AP completely from Ranked.

    - Players who are muted can play Ranked?
    Players who are muted must not be able to play Ranked.
    Suggestion: Implement Ranked matchmaking cool-down for muted duration.

    - No Ladder
    I'm trying to understand what a rating means if there is no ladder; it's some arbitrary number.
    Suggestion: Implement ladder; if you play Ranked your rating is visible to all and on ladder. If you don't want it to be visible don't play Ranked.

    - Players who abandon games do not immediately receive a Ranked matchmaking cool-down.
    Suggestion: Implement Ranked matchmaking cool-down for LP duration.

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    well the system is the same as the old one just with a number, so there is not much good about it to say.


    lot of true stuff written in here, but PLEASE remove this stupid abandoning by Teammates counting as a Loss for you. Whats the reasoning behind me loosing points when my Teammate abandones? i cant do anything about it -.-

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    there's nothing to like in something that doesnt work properly

    match quality: 0/10
    trolls, griefers
    no proper solo queue
    half of the games i end up with a 4stack of inbred fucks (just check here 441318197) feeding nonstop

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    Matched with solo players when I play solo.( Most of the times )

    If i win a game I have to loose next game.
    If the opponent was good and we loose its fine but most of the time its because my few teammates cannot use their HERO PROPERLY.
    If i do good and win the game I get +22 and If i do good and loose I get -27. WTF LOGIC IS THIS ?

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