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Thread: General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

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    - Tryhards don't complain on boards anymore about not seeing their rating.

    - The option not to be matched with stacks/parties was removed. This makes the game less enjoyable because parties can contain players of vastly different (read lower) levels of game mastery (f.ex. supports contesting last hits and hard carries going ganking).
    Please return the option not to be matched with stacks/parties.

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    - we have visual raiting.


    - the most stupid, retarded way to match people against other people, 2 wrongs dosnt make 1 right. (1 solo person match with 4 stacked versus 5 stacked is still retarded)
    the old "hidden" MMR (normal high very high) dosnt seem to effect what kind of people you're getting matched against and with in the ranked system (before you get rated)

    I would rather have the old match making than this shitty fking shit. I rather get carried than have to carry 4 fucking imbecils

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    The same day after the release of this patch my 8+ win streak just drops down to a 15+ lose streak. I dont belive in coincidence

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    - Visual Rating

    - Absolute Gigantic amount of trolls in this mode (i have 5000 MMR), for example these:
    I win my mid very hard, my team mates win top very hard, however one of the guys from bottom (DP) uses his ult to farm creeps, buys midas, never joins clash, then calls us noobs and rages at us, then Ability Abuses and Ping spams for 10 minutes in the game. Ends the game with 1 Kill and 0 Assists. Loss of course, although it could have been extremely easily won.
    2nd game, I tell my team that I want to lane mid, because I don't want to lane against Brood. Enemy brood is mid. So I ask my team for help. However, they say because I asked for mid they won't help me and they flame me for asking them, telling me 100 times it's my fault.
    I get reported in both of these games and now I have -92 hours mute punishment.

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    -Freaking bad matchmaking:

    I just got my MMR, 3730. Then these are the following games I get:

    In this game I am lifestealer, my team feeds mid, top. The game is 3+2 (me and my bro) vs 5 man stack. The 3 in my team being completely useless feeders and noobs with scores : 1/16 silencer 6/19 slark and 4/14 qop. The early game was a disaster, the feed was unbelievable somehow I found some good chances and got some farm and kills and built up some items, my brother tried to do his best with shaker, not being good at the hero but not generally very bad. Thing is the 3 stack were so horrible and bad worse than my brother playing earth shaker for first or second time.

    So how exactly this ranked MM is a serious thing?

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    Que times take a really long time, i guess thatls how you know they are only putting you in matches you belong in.

    So far I like the ranked MM, until you win a few games then it expects you to 1v5.

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    - Can see my point
    - I can refuse friend stack requests


    - Ranked MM is not competitive as it described in the game. People don't care to win and still troll the games. No different than unranked expect shown point
    - Parties add too much variance to the game. Just like the example you give in blog, there are way more better and worse players playing a game which reduces the fun 1000 times. Game is not ok when gpm chart crosses zero in 30 min mark. It is fun when players are in same skill level. There is no fun to play a game where a 2000 MMR player and a 3000 MMR player play against each other or at the same party.
    - Solo ranked is a total mess. Skill levels and play levels in consecutive games are beyond explanation.

    - Moderate ranked games!!!!!! Don't allow more than a certain MMR difference in a game. Don't put 2K guys and 3K guys. Give mroe reports for trolls, feeders and clueless captains(forgot to pick, randomed etc.. don't allow this). Make it a serious business like IXDL.
    - Give solo option for solo players. Don't expect win for random players against tryhard 5 stack.
    - Hire a proper professional for ranked system, pay him/her a decent amount and increase our experience/fun level in the game. Don't insist on your fail methods.
    - Moderate ranked games!!!!!!
    - Moderate ranked games!!!!!!

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    people really appear to be playing better in ranked, which is good


    people able to use ranked MM (which i understand as a queue to have good games with people trying hard to win) as training ground for heroes. this can lose you the game.
    solution: make it so only heroes with a performance bar OR with a performance bar above average can be picked by the player (if you play -cm or -cd and draft you still can only play those heroes you have already played some times)

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    Dislikes: 5 solos vs 5 man stack

    Likes: Better communication and less trolling. Overall better games!
    <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
    Also: つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Soloqueue!
    Need some incentive to start a match of dota?
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLite View Post
    Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
    No statistics will be recorded.

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    Useless thread. The whole purpose of this sticky is to prevent discussion on this topic and to have a "catch-all" thread for this particular issue so that it can more easily be ignored.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure your welcome to discuss it here, but after 20 pages, it's more like spitting in the wind than it is having a discussion. Meanwhile, people are not going to be allowed to have discussions on this topic outside of this thread.

    As far as my opinion on the subject? Likes: can see rating. Dislikes: It's basically tryhard+ mode in most games. You get a little bit better games but at the first sign of trouble all the usual difficulties with regular matches seem to become amplified. People give up sooner, flame harder, point fingers more, disconnect the moment they don't like team makeup or see foreigners, etc etc.

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