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Thread: "Recruitment" system

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    oh that's why I don't have a recruitment tab anymore ? One guy i play with usually has added me as his recruit, while I now want to be a mentor for someone I want to train in dota and have her benefit the faster profile/ battlepoint leveling but no, I can't recruit anymore

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    I'm kinda sick of getting recruitment requests from people marked [unknown]. Doesn't make any sense. Wish there was an option to turn it off.

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    I'm currently having the same issue. I've just unknowingly clicked on the request sent by someone whom I didn't ever play with. Back then I was extremely certain that it would be a way to exit the recruitment. But, what!? I'm now recruited by him, someone completely unknown to me, and I will be like this forever? This is absolutely stupid!! I demand that this problem be solved as soon as possible. Please.

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    Can we please get some sort of official statement?
    The Steam Support team is completely useless with this situation and only quotes unfitting, prewritten replies. Are they even part of the Valve team?

    Please, for the enjoyment of all the people who missclicked, make it possible to remove the recruitment of unwanted mentors! Or at least manually remove our recruitments when we explicitly ask for it at your "support" page. (Why not call it FAQ page instead, when they can't do anything about nothing!?)

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    I have recruitment level 152, do I get a free beer?

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    After I recruited my girlfriend she can't see my messages and map drawings, is anybody having the same issue?


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    I'd like to reinforce that the possibility of being able to cancel recruitment is needed.

    I accidentally accepted a recruitment invitation by thinking it was a party invitation.

    While I have dogded unwanted invitations several times, all it took was one mistake to make this permanent.

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    Would be nice if the icon related to recuitment would disapear after lvl 10, when it reaches its purpose and becomes not useful.

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