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Thread: Ember Spirit is not completely invulnerable when casting Sleight of Fist

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    Ember Spirit is not completely invulnerable when casting Sleight of Fist

    1.When casting Sleight of Fist on a hero with Blademail activated the Ember Spirit recieves damage from blademail.
    bug axe ember1.jpg
    bug axe ember2.jpg

    2.When casting Sleight of Fist on a Nyx Assassin with activated Spiked Carapace the Ember Spirit recieves stun from this spell.
    bug nyx ember2.jpg

    3. Also when casting Sleight of Fist on any hero with Lich`s Ice Armor buff the Ember Spirit recieves negative effect from this spell.

    As I think Ember Spirit must be totally invulnerable whille casting.

    P.S. otherwise Ember Spirit is not affected by Chronosphere while casting Sleight of Fist.
    void ember.jpg

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    that's the exact same bug as for omnislash, you aren't invulnerable for the first slash

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    Ember Spirit is still being stunned by Spiked Carapace even after Spring Cleaning update.

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    Also, you take blade mail damage while using SOF. For some reason the buff is placed at the end instead of the beginning. If you see the combat log the "you receive sleight of fist buff" is the last thing on the list.

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    Can we get this reverted from [Fixed] to [confirmed]? The bug is still present with the latest patch, and needs to be fixed again (if it ever was in the first place).

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    This bug is not fixed. I watched an Ember die to blademail while spectating a game the other day. I checked the combat log and watched a replay to be absolutely sure.

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    Most definitely not fixed.

    Blade Mail:

    Spiked Carapace

    Edit: As reported by carn20 on Reddit, Ember Spirit receives Last Will damage while he has the Sleight of Fist buff placed on him.

    Bigger version:

    Edit 2: Ember receives both Carapace and Blade Mail damage(and carapace stun) after receiving the SoF buff(once again, thanks to carn20).

    Bigger version:

    Edit 3: He can also receive the effect from Berserker's Call(thanks to Tomagathericon and Animalgreed from Reddit):

    Bigger version:

    And he takes damage from Dispersion(thanks to billz12oz from reddit who told me about this):

    Bigger version:

    In summary, a bunch of stuff works on Ember when he should've been invulnerable and that really hurts the hero right now.
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