At the top of this lobby window is 'x - Game Lobby'. Sometimes there is nothing in the place of x, making the title look awkward as there would be no need for the '-' hyphen (or dash). Other times, x is (presumably) the lobby's password or the lobby's host's name. However, even in a password-requiring lobby, x is usually blank.

Secondly, players joining a private lobby shouldn't be able to see the 'Ready' button as this button is only usable by either the player who made the lobby or the blue player? If this player then defined as the host? And if so do they use more bandwidth during a Dota2 game than other players such as in DotA?

The chat tabs, which define which lobbies the player is a 'participant' of, should be able to be rearranged similarly to how tabs in Google Chrome (or another internet browser) can be. This only changes the left-to-right order.

In the 'Learn' tab, in the box which opens when the mouse hovers over a Hero's skill. The words 'Level ?' in the top right and 'ABILITY' and 'AFFECTS:' just below are all obsolete. They serve no purpose, as the information they provide is more accurate and descriptive in the paragraph below. Also, 'ABILITY' 's colon is below the word, in comparison to 'AFFECTS:' which is correct.

In the 'PROFILE' section, your username is clickable as it changes colour when clicked and hovered over. This serves no purpose.