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Thread: [Duplicate] Windranger's ult and scepter

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    [Duplicate] Windranger's ult and scepter

    I've found 2 bugs while playing in a ranked match

    1. Windranger's ult doesn't work correctly on third tier towers and structures, she casts the ult but it doesn't affect her attack speed anymore and yet it decreases damage while it's active.

    2. Windranger's ult icon tells you that there's no damage decrease (when having a scepter in the inventory) but it's still affecting your damage output and can be seen in your stats

    I guess that's it, please fix it!


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    1. Match ID/time stamp

    2. the Aghanim effect is that it no longer reduce 'extra' damage (Lightning from Maelstorm/Mjolnir, poison from Orb of Venom, bonus damage from Javelin/MKB, etc), the -50/40/30% damage from your normal attack remains.
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    Duplicate. Casting Focus Fire while the previous buff is still there makes both buffs to disappear.
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    I added tooltip issue to KTIL

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