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Then Valve needs to make it it so that ads and shit can be on the Dota2 client, because i'm sick of the high bandwidth cost of watching livestreams, i'm sick of having to watch a single player without knowing the enemy's items, their skills, where their position is, etc. I admit watching Dendi play is awesome but it's SO much better in sourcetv because it's actual highdef with no bandwidth costs (i cant watch livestreams in high definition and i can barely watch 480p on my connection). I'd be fine with watching ads, and besides, most people watching streams have adblock anyway. The fact of the point is, Valve made DotaTV/SourceTV we should be able to use. Streamers getting money is great, and needed to keep up their streams but the fact is the way livestreaming works is illogical compared to how SourceTV works. Replays and whatnot are essential to the new scene of streaming, and anyone who dismisses SourceTV as the incorrect method is a fool, this is the advancement of streaming, and you're too scared to change?
absolutely agreed. i actually enjoyed watching dota when it was using garenatv instead of 1 streamer. i find it much better to see what i want to see, instead of following a caster who often misses many things. i guess its time for valve to implement ads in dotatv. the spectator system valve has is amazing, far better than any game's spectator system i've come across.