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Thread: [Fixed] Lifeleech with negative damage values

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    [Fixed] Lifeleech with negative damage values

    As seen here, lifeleech will actually deal damage to the leeching unit when having negative damage.

    1) Get SK and Bane
    2) Skill Enfeeble and Vampiric Aura
    3) Enfeeble SK, hit Bane

    Due to SK having negative damage (apart from attack damage being always positiv in Dota 1), Vampiric Aura will damage him. You can't deny yourself with the damage.
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    It's about time negative damage hurt the attacking hero.

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    this also works with razors static link
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    lol imagine pa killing herself with satanic

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    I think this should definitely be removed from the game - it is punishment enough to have 0 (zero) attack damage as a carry (with lifesteal)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inreet View Post
    lol imagine pa killing herself with satanic

    Yea, dem 0 damage crits gonna hurt her a lot.

    E: OH WELL, seems like crits are going into negative numbers aswell, and thus crits hurt you more with lifesteal.

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