I dont play earth spirit (ES), but i think this hero is interesting and he should get improvements in order to raise its popularity.

To begin with, the stone remnant should becomes able to quick double clicks to cast a stone remnant just in front the ES (within 200 AoE). So, it's easier to combo with Boulder Smash. This greatly increase the reflex of the players on this hero. However, the problem of miscast 2 stones is leaving unsolved... or this is not a problem?

The cast animation delay of Boulder Smash should be removed in order to gv ES better reflex such Invoker. The stun effect of this skill should be applied on the target(only on enemy) and deal 125 damage (same at all level) on the target only. And the differences between hitting a target and a stone are the stone applies greater distance traveled, AoE stun and AoE damage.

The Rolling Boulder should no longer stop when hit a enemy hero target. Instead, ES will get a sub ability to stop himself just like Phoenix's Dive. The additional of stone remnant cause the damaged enemies to be silenced for 2 seconds instead of slow effect. Also, ES should get infinity armor bonus during rolling state (still can be attacked and skilled but immune to physical damage). Cooldown is started on cancelling the rolling with sub ability, getting disabled or reaching max distance.

The silence effect of Geomagnetic grip on stone should be removed and replaced with heavy attack speed and movement slow (100% slow) for 2 seconds.

Anyway, it just a suggestion. Please discuss it in details with damage rescale, effects, etc..