So here is a question, if someone does something wrong, or even if he doesn't do anything wrong at all, but gets reported. Why would you punish the future teams he plays on?

The mute system is one of the most idiotic forms of punishment I have seen in any game. In a *team* game, it's pointless, and dumb. I have been reported, sometimes deserving it, sometimes not. Though I am a team player, and I have actually *TAUGHT* new players how to use heroes they've never used before using communication. Yes, I do insult certain people, though that should not be reason enough to hurt any team in the future I play on, or force me to go to 3rd party software in order to communicate. Flagging someone as disruptive is more disruptive than the actual person was.

Let's go down the list of things wrong, and right with this system.

* People consistently reported for flaming, or trolling, cannot troll/flame new people.
* Can cause people to think twice before insulting someone

* Hurts teamplay in a competitive team-game.
* Is abused often
* Will never stop flaming, or trolling in general, on any game. (Mute buttons always have a 100% success rate when used by the player)
* Can cause a horrible snow-ball of reports effect due to miscommunication on future team-games.
* You don't know the actual reason for being reported, so you cannot learn from it at all, even if it did work.

Now, I'm not a horribly nice person, nor am I a complete ass. I'm a very competitive person, that can get frustrated. I've flamed people who purposefully throw games, which I believe is a reasonable reaction, and I've gotten reported for doing so. Hell, I've been reported by Mexican premades, on US ENGLISH servers, for not speaking Spanish. For all I know, my recent report came from a private lobby which created a 48 hour mute, of which all I can do to help my team is coach for strategies/picks.

The system is dumb, it's poorly created. I ask on behalf of many Dota players, remove it until you can find a better solution, or simply emphasize that people need to have a thicker skin. Don't turn into bloody Google.

I normally wouldn't post this, but so many of my friends, good players, have been muted for damned near no reason. (Some had very good reasons to be muted, but it didn't hurt them, it just hurt the pubs they played with)

If any devs read this, thanks for the consideration.

(Also, on an unrelated note, since I'll probably never post again after saying my peace, please give Invoker back his 27 spells. kthx)