I made this discussion in the Steam forums of the game, but it turns out that (surprise) most people there are really really angry kids, so in the end the discussion became and flame wars and got deleted.

Anyway, thing is, there is currently a line said by the spanish annunciator that does not matches the english one, so the line becomes offensive for people with religious beliefs.

As you know already, the english annunciator says "a player is godlike" and "beyond godlike", which is completely OK.
The spanish annunciator, however, says something different, he says "A player is God" and "A player is greater than God". (And no, he doesn't mean it in a "greater than a god" way, the way he says it, he is saying greater than The God)

So what is this? Simply a petition, to see if the devs can edit the line so that it actually matches the english one (godlike and beyond godlike).

This is just a common courtesy issue, I'm not demanding anything to be done, it is a petition (Guys at steam forum went over to say I was a religious idiot for demanding things with religion, which I never did)
I'm really not the only person bothered with this line, I've spoken to several friends, most of them from different beliefs (some of them even without a belief) and they all agreed that the way the line is said comes as offensive to a person who may have these beliefs.

I know that saying this is pretty much an invitation for the trolls to do it anyway: But don't bother comming here to post "oh you're a religious idiot, they should also delete Zeus from the game, the guy goes around claiming he is a god! oh ad remove doom bringer as well because he is teh devil!!! oh and the shiba item remove it as well its so offensive!".
I won't reply to any of those post, so really, don't bother, this is simply a petition to see if this line can be edited to match what the original annunciator says, if nothing can be done about it, then its fine. I'm not shoving my beliefs into anyone's throat, I'm not asking to change the line to a choir of angels or something like that, simply asking for a correction to a mistranslated line.

If you don't think that this is a big issue, then please, just look away, and don't come here to troll or something.
And yes atheist folk, "your god isn't real!!!! why should it offend you if he doesnt exist?!" I know, I know, you may spare yourself the trouble of typing that as well, because I wont reply to it.

For the last time: this is a petition and not a demand, if I can get a reply from a dev (be it negative or positive), that'll be grand.